3. Yogurt

Made from milk, yogurt provides similar nutrition, but with the addition of gut friendly bacteria that keeps your stomach happy and healthy.

Greek yogurt is particularly high in protein, and tasty thanks to its thick, creamy texture. A 200g cup of the full fat variety contains 190 calories, 10g of fat, 8g of carbohydrate and 18g of complete protein.

Low fat varieties, with their lower calorie content, can be tempting but fat in moderation isn’t bad for you, and these often have a high sugar content.

4. Turkey Breast

Meat products contain all nine essential amino acids, making them quality proteins. Most poultry meats are great options, but turkey is particularity lean.

An average roast turkey breast, without skin, contains 153 calories, 0.8g of fat and 34g of protein, with no carbohydrates.

Competitively, an average chicken breast, without skin, contains 124 calories, 1.4g of fat, no carbohydrate, and 26g of protein. Pork is the fattiest, with 35g in an average pork chop but around 7.5g of fat.

Whichever meat you go for, if you team it with 100g of brown rice, and you’ll also get 23g or carbohydrate and 3g of protein, though this isn’t a complete protein and doesn’t contain all essential amino acids as meat does.

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