8. Tofu

A second option for vegans is Soy. Most beans are low in one or more of the the essential amino acids, but Soy is a super bean that delivers a complete protein.

Tofu is great added to stir frys as a meat substitute. The firmer the tofu, the higher the protein content, with a typical serving containing 90 calories, 5g of fat, 2g of carb and 10g of the crucial protein.

9. Whey Portein Powder

Protein powders are a little controversial for some who prefer to get their nutrients from natural sources, but they can be incredibly convenient when you need a quick protein fix.

Powders can be made from animal sources (whey and casein, found in milk, beef protein and egg white protein), or vegetable sources (soy, rice, pea, hemp).

Values will vary, but typically 100g of Whey will contain 80-90g of protein, 80 calories, 3g of carb. The powder comes from milk – the protein in which comes from 20% whey and 80% caseiun.

Whey is quickly absorbed and the taste agrees with most people. Whey concentrate powders deliver the most whey per gram, whilst whey isolate versions contain almost zero fat so are popular among those trying to get leaner.

Another option is egg white protein, or beef protein. This is popular among weight lifters because beef naturally contains creatine – a substance that is known to improve explosive muscle strength. Sprinters, take note..

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