12 Amazing Hidden Secrets in the iPhone X You Don’t Know : IOS

5. New camera and flashlight shortcuts

On the lock screen and in the notification drawer, there are two new shiny icons at the bottom of the screen. You can force-press on those icons to launch the camera or trigger the flashlight.

Apple is taking advantage of the extra screen real estate to change the camera shortcut. Instead of swiping to launch the camera, it now feels like you’re actually pressing a button.

6. None of your business

Having text previews on the lock screen is convenient. But it can also be a privacy issue if you leave your phone on a table around people you don’t trust.

You don’t have to decide between privacy and convenience anymore. The iPhone X now automatically hides sensitive notification previews so that people can’t snoop on you. When Face ID detects that you’re looking at your phone, the iPhone X automagically expands the notifications.

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