5 Best and Worst Features of the iPhone X : IOS

UI complexity makes one-hand use difficult

Because the iPhone X does not contain a home button, or even a software version of one, the entire user interface of iOS 11 on the device has been altered. There’s a whole new system of gestures and swipes to learn and master, and many of them will be annoying to remember and difficult to perform with just one hand. Closing apps now requires you swipe up from the bottom, while swiping up and then holding opens the multitasking app switcher. Control Center is now surfaced by swiping down from right corner, while a swipe down from the left gets you to the notification list.

There are a bunch of other weird quirks involved, like accessing Siri by holding down one of the side buttons, which raises the question of how you turn the phone off now. There’s also the matter of capturing a mobile screenshot, which used to involve holding down the home button and power button. But perhaps the most perplexing change here is how difficult it will be to use the iPhone X with one hand, now that very useful sections of iOS 11 are buried behind high-cornered downward swipes. If you don’t have exceptionally large hands, it seems as if the iPhone X will be a strictly two-handed device.

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