5 Best and Worst Features of the iPhone X : IOS

A11 Bionic chip and wireless charging also on the iPhone 8

Apple made a strategic decision to include its most powerful chip, the new A11 Bionic, in both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. That way, the company wouldn’t split its user base and developer community by pushing app makers toward optimizing for a device only a small number of consumers might have by year’s end. That’s a smart move. But it also undermines the value of the iPhone X, restricting its uniqueness to the OLED screen and front-facing camera tech. The same goes for Apple’s new wireless charging feature, which will work across the iPhone 8 family and the X because both devices have the same glass back.

When considering which device you really want to buy, knowing that you’ll still get the fastest chip Apple has ever made, all the benefits of its new wireless charging feature, and the known security and familiarity of Touch ID makes the iPhone 8 that much more attractive, on top of its lower price point. Of course, those early adopters and diehard fans already considering the X may not care about all that when faced with the possibility of having the greatest and latest Apple phone. For everyone else, this lack of substantial distinction should make buying a less flashy model that much easier.

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