5 Best and Worst Features of the iPhone X : IOS

Animoji is a neat and novel face mapping concept

Animoji are cartoon animals that replicate your face movements, expressions, and speech using the front-facing camera and 3D mapping sensors of the iPhone X. It relies on the very same TrueDepth components required by Face ID and is another perfect example of Apple’s marriage of hardware and software to yield something more advanced than the industry standard. Apple’s implementation here feels like a wildly fun and goofy blend of cutting-edge tech with selfie-obsessed excess, if not also a bit of an extravagant resource waste. (Yes, that $1,000 iPhone can turn you into a poop emoji.)

At best, the iPhone X will only sell as many units as Apple can manage to manufacture this holiday season, which won’t be all that many we can assume. So you probably won’t see animoji populating your iMessage chats all that often, or at all in the near term. It might be years before the feature has the platform breadth to be a commonplace form of mobile communication. Still, these novel camera and software advancements prove that Apple can still perform a bit of magic, even if it’s of the childish variety, at the intersection of tech and art.

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