5 Best and Worst Features of the iPhone X : IOS

So here’s where the most expensive iPhone ever made appears to falls short:

The iPhone X is expensive… very expensive

The only aspect of the iPhone X perhaps more noticeable than its display is its price tag. Apple has set the starting cost for its flagship product, for the very first time, at north of $1,000, when you factor in taxes or the 256GB storage configuration. The device is even more expensive outside the US — customers in Italy, Russia, and Poland, for instance, will all have to pay around $1,600 for a 256GB version of the iPhone X.

There is no getting around this being an eye-popping price for a device most customers associate with a $600 to $800 range. We’ve also only just become accustomed to seeing the real cost of a smartphone, after cell carriers here in the US have all moved away from the two-year contract subsidy model that obscured a phone’s true price.

But the reality of the situation is that Apple’s business continues to depend primarily on iPhone sales, which peaked in unit volume back in 2015. The company knows that there’s a market out there for premium, high-end smartphones, and there’s surely going to be no shortage of Apple fans eager to buy the X when preorders go live later in October. However, on a deeper level, the shift upward in pricing, for both Apple and Samsung, represents a new era for the smartphone, when the predominant computing platform on the planet has a price tag to match its significance. It’s just going to hit our wallets now harder than ever before, and that’s a tough pill to swallow for most.

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