Top 10 Reasons To Use Full Bodybuilding Workouts

5. Easier Manipulation:

In order to prevent training plateaus, it’s important that you’re constantly manipulating something about your workout program. This could be the exercises you’re performing, the total number of reps you are using, the angle in which you’re executing the lift, and so on.

When you’re on a split body workout, you’re going to be using more total exercises for each workout, making it slightly more difficult to throw in new exercises to prevent the plateau.

When you’re using fully body workouts on the other hand, each muscle group is only going to get one or two exercises total, therefore you can easily swap things around either from full body workout to full body workout, or from month to month.

Additionally, if you happen to become injured in a particular muscle group, with a full body workout it tends to be easier to omit the exercise(s) that aggravate the injury and replace it with others that don’t.

With a split body workout though, if one major muscle group gets injured that could throw off an entire day’s workout, so that will definitely put a large kink in your program plan.

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