Top 10 Reasons To Use Full Bodybuilding Workouts

6. Decreased CNS Fatigue:

Sixth on the list of advantages of full body workouts is the lower level of central nervous system stress on a week to week basis. Whenever you lift a weight, a stress is placed on the CNS. It doesn’t matter if it’s a biceps curl or a squat, your CNS will be stimulated.

When you’re stimulating the CNS day after day after day, eventually it too begins to fatigue and the overall amount you’re able to lift on a daily basis really takes a hit.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to give the CNS a complete break from training, which is accomplished quite thoroughly on full body workouts.

That day in between sessions really goes a long way towards allowing better CNS recovery, so if you’re beginning to feel fatigued all the time no matter what you do (short of taking consecutive days off), this might be an indication that you should be switching to a full body workout program instead.

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