Top 10 Reasons To Use Full Bodybuilding Workouts

8. Simple Scheduling:

If you’re someone who finds life crowding out your workouts on a regular basis, if you’re on an upper/lower split or another type of divided workout set-up, this can get to be quite the nuisance.

You must then make the decision of whether you’ll perform the workout that was missed on the next workout opportunity, or if you’ll just skip that workout entirely and go on to the next. If you repeat the lost workout you’re going to be behind in your overall program plan, but if you skip it, then those muscles didn’t get worked as they should.

It’s quite the predicament to be in and can mess up what would otherwise be a sound plan. With full body workouts though, if you miss a workout, you simply wait until the next opportunity and you’ll still be hitting the full body once again.

What’s also great is that at most you’ll be doing three workouts a week, even if you do miss a day; if you can make it to the gym the next day you won’t throw off your weekly schedule, because you will always have some point in the week where you have two consecutive days off.

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